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A construct is an ideal object. Philosophically, all videogames are ideal worlds and not real worlds. Therefore the title of this podcast is redundant. Mind: blown. Videogames are full of philosophy and your hosts are here to show you. If it's pop-culture and videogame related, you can bet we'll talk about it and how it affects our perceptions of our world and the constructs we enjoy.

Jesse takes his life into his own hands by attacking the Gamer Gaters and calling out videogame journalists. Here's hoping he's not hacked and bankrupt before next week.

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Jesse deconstructs cheat codes then proceeds to kill the buzz by philosphizing on history, current events and how cheating defines us, both as gamers and as people.

For the complete list of Prima Games Top 100 Best Video Game Cheats, Codes and Tips of All Time go here:

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Jason is back with Jesse this week as Jesse decides to take out his aggression on the series that has brought him so much happiness and so much heartbreak over the years, Mega Man. Jesse shares his thoughts on all the ways the series could have gone, all the ways Capcom messed things up and how he would do it differently if he had the chance.

The Descent spoiler - 2:40-3:18

Apologies for the corrections below, Jesse gets carried away when talking Mega Man.

At the 35:05 mark Jesse refers to "Super Mario World" and "Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island" but says "NES" when he meant Super NES or "SNES".

At the 42:26 mark Jesse says "Mega Man 3" when he meant "Resident Evil 3."

Here is the link to the Nerdist Podcast episode Jesse references at the end.

Here are the links to my ringtones:

And finally, here is the link to the discussion topic I created on the Mega Man subreddit



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Once again Jesse can't leave well enough alone and the format has changed in minor ways. First, there is a spoken intro. This is the normal and future format for all videogame production diaries. Then the intro and the outro have been adjusted as well, but we'll leave it to the listeners to determine whether or not they're improved.

In this solo outing Jesse discusses the impact games have on us, the science behind why we play and poor game design or broken development and how that affects us and our experiences. 

As always, he can be found on Twitter @liltooclinical. Follow the show on Facebook and G+ at "Videogame Construct" and on Twitter @VGConstruct. ENJOY!

Halo 4 (XB360) spoilers 5:30-6:20


Halo 1 (X-Box, XB360) spoilers 8:45-8:55


"Guardians of the Galaxy" (film) spoiler 46:35-46:45 (post credit sequence)


Batman Arkham City (XB360, PS3, PC) spoiler 47:54-48:05


Legendary (XB360, PS3) spoiler 50:23-50:29


Infinity Ward says COD gamers aren’t “gamers”


Top 7 Trendy Game Design Crutches


10 Most Common Game Design Mistakes


6 Crap Game Design Flaws that should be extinct by now but we accept them anyway


13 Game Design Crimes


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Jesse announces his plans to make his own videogame and use the show as a production diary. Then he proceeds to explain why he plays games, asks some questions regarding violence and its effects and asks why other people play games.

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Jesse goes solo, don't worry, he explains why and why it's late and tells you what happened to the Batman episode. Then he gushes over Elder Scrolls Online for a while until he goes off the deep end with Matrix-like talk.


Steve Watts's article on Anti-Batmen for IGN:

Nintendo's latest screens from Smash Bros.:


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Jesse returns after an unintentional 4 week break with another solo-adventure through the world of videogame experiences. This week he breaks down how videogames ARE art with a conclusive and repeatable argument and explains how independent videogames are going to save the industry... kinda?

For more info on Roll 20 check out:

To follow the progress of, and learn more about, "Elite Dangerous" go to:

To contribute to, or just to learn more about, Star Citizen head to:


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Jesse returns solo to discuss the functionality of the term "video game" and its relevance. Prepare to hear some philosophical concepts such as "what is life?", "what is time?", "what is a friend?" and many more! Feel free to ignore this episode if you're not interested in finding out why any of this important to the culture.

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Jason and Jesse devote this week's entire episode to dissecting Nintenod's stated strategies (from a document visible here: and ask the question: does Nintendo even possess enough self-awareness to realize they're completely in opposition of what their consumers actually want?


(Apologies as this episode was previously released with errors).

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It's been a little over a year since our episode "Mario on Microsoft" and Nintendo is back in the news again with some recent announcements. Posted here for your approval (  is the document the guys dissect in this episode, a corporate Q&A with Nintendo's stockholders in which the company discusses how they intend to resume their status as the number video game hardware and software provider. Please feel free to offer your own perspective, ideas and theories or if you'd like to argue hit us up.

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